Saturday, March 6, 2010

Security certificate

I am getting a message about the security certificate here, not sure why


virginia No. Calif. said...

Well my husband and I are sad that no one is here to talk to. We just discovered Progressive Adventists and finally found our identity. We are 4th Gen. Adven., Conf. employees and Church Leaders that have had to keep our mouths shut to stay put. We will look someplace else to see where others are.

Ron Corson said...

Yes it is sad that no one was interested in connecting. I opened this site and referenced it in an article published on Adventist Today's website. Still no one seemed to care. Still if you go over to Spectrum
you might be able to find some people to talk with. Sadly most there think that progressive means politically progressive, but if you are politically progressive AKA a political liberal you would fit in nicely with them. If not...well political progressives are tolerant of everyone except political conservatives!