Monday, May 26, 2008


Begin connecting with other Progressive Adventists. Please email your name, location and home church with any other information you feel is relevant so that we can post it here. For example if your local church has a Progressive Adventist Sabbath School class we would like to know what the class is called or the teacher and other specifics which visitors to your church could use to find your Sabbath School Class or Discussion Group.

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Bob_2 said...

Ron, is not progressive enough to be listed with your other sites. Is it because of your differences with me, Bob_2 or Tom Norris' position that make us not progressive enough?

Ron Corson said...

Well as you can tell this idea was a bust. No churches interested in listing themselves and no Sabbath School's either. Partly because the article was intended for Adventist Today Magazine but they did not publish it instead put it on the website where it was hardly seen.

I should update this page since the Progressive site has not been active for over a year and it is pretty much useless now. I could put on there if you like. I look at it as mixture however. I mean there are Progressive Adventists on Club Adventist also but I would not think it wants to be termed a Progressive Adventist website. Check around on atomorrow and see if they want it listed that way if you want might be interesting but don't bother to do it for this website as it is about as useless as Progressive by Dr. Nam.

roger said...

Roger Metzger
Benzonia, Michigan
Home church, Traverse City SdA
I want to invite people to Sabbath services but our "home church" is 30- odd miles away and our "new" pastor (over a year ago) does next to nothing to counter the impression that Adventists are hierarchical, creedal and dogmatic. The nearest SdA congregation to where we live is about seven miles from us and the pastor of that congregation does even less to counter those impressions. My wife and I are unwilling/unable to a) invite people to attend Sabbath services in our home, b) accept tithe money to help with our missionary work, c) rent a facility in Benzonia for holding meetings. Any other ideas would be appreciated.